Non-Orphan Biosimilars

Interchangeables for the treatment of complex non-orphan diseases

The expansion of the global biologics market is raising sustainability concerns

Biologics represent the majority of the ten best-selling pharmaceuticals in the world. The high pricing of biological medicines results in immense cost pressures on healthcare systems. At the same time, the costly treatment options are still inaccessible for many patients. This has most severe impacts in emerging countries but also affects patients in industrialized countries who suffer from high cost sharing structures. To create, maintain and expand patients´ access to biological treatments, alternatives at lower costs are inevitable. 


Since the first biosimilar was introduced to the EU market in 2007, an increasing number of biosimilars has been globally approved. They have been safely used and successfully demonstrated their capability to effectively drive cost reduction of biologics. Consequently, biosimilars offer the opportunity to allocate released resources from healthcare systems to previously untreated patients, finally facilitating a broader access to medicinal products.


Besides financial benefits, a sustainable market competition introduced by biosimilars can reinforce the development of novel and improved biological treatment options.



With the development of high-quality non-orphan drug biosimilars, Valerius is committed to create valuable treatment alternatives for patients worldwide. 

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